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November 13, 2016


Hi lovelies! It is so good to be back on the blog after months of struggling with cyber hackers that kept on overtaking access to my site! I even had to change my website hosting company…

Luckily my website host have been efficient enough to sort it out, lets hope it is the last time it happened. So, enough of my faffing! Let is get to the exciting part…

I have been part of a community of ladies that do product reviews on beauty products for a few years now, I get sent products to review from time to time BUT I also buy a lot of products with my own coins…true story!

I also have made a few friends in the beauty blogging community and we exchange beauty tips and hook-ups. I also buy a lot of magazines on a monthly basis to keep up with the trends and see what new products are on the market. So when I got a tip-off that the November issue of Destiny Magazine has a full-size bottle of a L’Oreal liquid foundation, I immediately went out in search for it…now let me tell you! This has to be the most in-demand magazine in the history of the publication. It was literally sold out in days of being on the shop stands and every beauty-lover went nuts trying to get hold of it. I mean who wouldn’t want to get freebie of a foundation worth R199 for just R30.90 (price of the magazine)??? Duh!

I was lucky to get hold of the last copy at CNA in my work area and it was in my shade 360 Cappuccino…YaY! *did some few laps and booty-hopping in the store*…Unfortunately my friends were not so lucky with their search (bummer! will get to the story later on).



I prefer to use the beauty blending sponge to apply my liquid foundation to get the flawless finish. The foundation dries quickly, you need to blend as fast as you can as soon as it hits the face. What I like the most about it was it didn’t transfer (I hate those foundation that transfer to everything it gets in contact with…It also has a staying power for hours, no need for touch ups. I love the ‘subtle perfumey aroma’.

The description of the product as per website

High coverage longwear foundation now with Hydrating Hyaluron Complex. The 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night. Discover our new shades designed exclusively for South African skin tones.

There are 14 shades on the site but not sure how many shades were part of the promo in the magazine. The foundation can also be found at major retail stores like Clicks



When I did the swatch it literally melted into my skin…I love that it has a pump to squirt out just enough product and it is buildable to whatever coverage you like from sheer, medium to full coverage. It feels light and fresh on the skin, It gives you a flawless, matte finish that lasts for hours.

I was so impressed with this foundation that I was compelled to contact the media house for Destiny Magazine (Ndalo Media). Firstly, because I needed to find more and also because I was disappointed that my friends couldn’t get copies of the magazine and missing out on this gem of a foundation. Luckily they had some in stock and I was able to purchase 10 copies…yes! 10 copies! for myself and friends.

If you have tried it, let me know what your thoughts are and if you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favour and purchase it…it is worth every coin 🙂


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September 3, 2016


Today we are talking about an upcoming event that is like no other in this industry. It is a fresh new concept but I will allow the brains behind be the one to tell you about…


Jus B: Who is Tebogo Mokatse?

Tebogo Mokatse: Tebogo is manager and events coordinator at Deep n Soul Touch Productions

Jus B: When and how did you get involved in the entertainment industry?

Tebogo Mokatse: It was in 1993 when I used to be a dj for a group of rap artists but the real break -through came in 2003, when I started working with the likes of Morafe, Tuks and Ken-i, just to mention a few. I was was invited by Lee Kasumba (Editor of YMag) to do some reviews on a few hip hop albums in the same year.

Jus B: Your birthday is coming next month. Are you excited about adding another candle on the cake?

Tebogo Mokatse: Of course, nothing feels good as growing a year older. I am super excited.

 Jus B: Tell us about the Ignition

 Tebogo Mokatse: The Ignition is an event aimed to target all the musicians and music lovers who resides in and out of Gauteng. As the name may already inform you, the event aims to ignite the plans and aspirations of all musicians who resolute to take their careers one step forward in the year 2015. In celebration of Tebogo Mokatse ‘s birthday, manager of Deep N Soul Touch Productions, we opted to empower our up and coming musicians, as opposed to just playing music, having fun and consuming alcoholic beverages. We want to afford these musicians a platform to engage with the more experienced musicians to build relationships as well as to establish new networks. We have invited amongst others, people like Sir-LSG, Kaylow, Trev the Japanese, Ralf Gum, Vinny da Vinci, ZuluMafia, Mpho Mothibe, Christos, Chymamusique, Khuli Chana, Cassper Nyovest and the Mams FM crew just to mention a few.  In our invitation we have explained what the aim of the event is and we expect most of these musicians to honor our invitation. This are the people who most of the up and coming musicians look up to, mainly because of their success stories and we want them to share their experiences and success stories with us. If there is anything we can do for our people, is to empower them. Let’s not forget that charity begins at home. Let’s Ignite your career!

Jus B: What made you to come up with this concept?

Tebogo Mokatse: I’ve done a Music Conference recently and It was amazing to see people engaging with one another and exchanging contact, so I thought why not have a party where people can come and network whilst socialising at the same time.

Jus B: Who is your target audience that you want to reach out to?

Tebogo Mokatse: Ideally, I am targeting all the djs and the producers, but anyone who is a tertiary graduate and has no job, will also form a good audience.

Jus B: Do you think that the aspiring artists and house music fans understand the concept? Do they get it?

Tebogo Mokatse: Honestly, I don’t think they do. I am doing a feature on Mams FM from 17 Dec until 09 January. People can tune in and hear more about The Ignition and what it’s all about.

Jus B: At the end of the conference/event, what results are you hoping for?

Tebogo Mokatse: I want people to go home and start initiating projects that will help them make good music and good money out of it.

Jus B: You are an artist manager to talented djs, are you scouting for talent or is this event just for educational purposes?

Tebogo Mokatse: No, I am not scouting at all. This is a pure educational and motivational event.

Jus B: Was this event easy to put together? which challenges do you face when you try to organize an event of this calibre? Is it easy to get people to buy into it?

Tebogo Mokatse: None of the events I’ve done before were easy. They are always challenging, especially because I rely on my company funds to put everything together. So one needs to budget well and make sure that the marketing campaign is also appealing to get people to buy into it. I went as far as Youtube Videos, Radio ads, Flyers and this blog too. Hahaha.

Jus B: You have a crazy line-up consisting of talented artists/djs/producers and other role-players in the industry. What can we expect on the day?

Tebogo Mokatse: The guest speakers and all the artists/djs were selected strategically. This event is a first of its kind, so we need to make sure that the experience is unique. I don’t want to give-away too much but people can expect a quality show.

Jus B: People are not used to the idea of hospitality packages. How are going to convince them that this is an easier option?

Tebogo Mokatse: Look, the idea of hospitality packages has been around since forever but people turn to overlook it, probably because of the brands that we package. If you want to spend wisely and enjoy all the hospitalities you expect when you go out to a 3 or 4 star hotel, try those packages.

Jus B: What is the cost of the hospitality packages and entrance fee?

Tebogo Mokatse: Hospitality packages range from R800 to R1200 and they include 4 tickets and food. A general admission tickets costs R100 per person

Jus B: What aspirations do you have about DnST and for yourself as a manager?

Tebogo Mokatse: For DnST, I would like to see them as one of the top 5 Record labels in the country. As a Manager, I want to be the best in the business worldwide.

Jus B: Any additional information that you want the masses to know about?

Tebogo Mokatse: The Ignition will be an annual feature. If we didn’t add you to the line-up this year, don’t stop grinding, your turn will come. Thanks to Jack Budha and Mams FM for supporting the concept, we will grow together.


Well, thank you for this information and good luck with the event. Send us pictures from the day!

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September 3, 2016



Jus B: Who is Groove Candi?
Groove Candi:  is a 20something year old passionate music lover, a female who followed her dream and is living proof that anything is possible with God Luke 1:37, that your mind and attitude determines your destiny. She is making it, irrespective of her background.

Jus B:  when did your love for music n djing start?
Groove Candi:  I was born with the music, my late grandmother loved music so badly and I sometimes thank my mom for naming me after her, but that’s everytime when things go right, haaa ha,. I participated in school choirs from my primary level and by high school I was chosen to coordinating anything to do with music, that includes farewell functions, choirs and competitions. I also participated in a musical show on local radio as well as recorded my 1st demo in school.

Jus B:  what are your aspirations/dreams in life?
Groove Candi:  My aspiration in life? #Beyonce’s voice is to help people empower themselves, emotionally, I fear to see a hateful, heartless nation, whereby you are being disliked for doing what you love. Women have what it takes to give out the best emotional elements in music! It can only take music to ground, gather and feed love to nations with a  universal language. I want to see a common level of musical knowledge love and production from males and females in the near future. My short term goal in this is to own a music production studio.

Jus B:  As talented as you are, I just have to ask this question…Have you ever been solicited by any labels to sign you? If so can you share which ones.
Groove Candi:  Yes I have been solicited to sign to labels but I rather not disclose which.

Jus B:  that brings me to my next question, is there any particular reason why you didn’t sign with them?
Groove Candi:  To me it felt like falling into the idea of being “owned”, thus what I feared most, but until the Most High sent through Wanubi Project  my way, I took the chance because its a new label, and very hungry for not only success but helping me define my route. I am part of the family, the level of respect, caring and dedication is a blessing to me.

Jus B:  are you currently signed?
Groove Candi:  Yes I Am under #WanubiProject

Jus B:  I follow you, I support you as a female dj. I see you playing on these big events with all of the industry male heavyweights, how does it make you feel as a female dj?
Groove Candi: It is a blessing to share stages with people I’ve always admired, it is very humbling and as a woman, carrying yourself with dignity, being yourself and focusing on doing what you love earns one respect, and in that, every time I ask for help or a favor they give with open arms. I got used to being starstruck. Lol

Jus B: who have you collaborated with?
Groove Candi: I worked with different vocalist and producers, and currently dropping an Ep with HouseVictimz…am into soulful house, I pray to remain in this lane.

Jus B: which vocalists do you wish to work with?
Groove Candi: Tiffany Rosebud, yes I said it, that women is amazing,

Jus B: where would you like to see Groove Candi as a brand?
Groove Candi: I would love to see my legacy growing, awards under my name, women power, owning a recording studio… Can I not say more? Ppl might steal my ideas. LOL

Jus B: Celebrity Crush?
Groove Candi: I would go for Musa Sukwene, his voice sold my soul…

Jus B: Favourite Dj
Groove Candi: I hate to answer this question, but I think Dj Fresh rocks, his mixing, sequence, track selection…he is flowing and remains relevant. No doubt

Jus B: Message to your fans and Mzansi 411 readers?
Groove Candi: Do not compromise, if something doesn’t define you, don’t do it… And education is the most powerful tool ever, it is a tool to enhance what God gave us

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September 3, 2016


Jus B: On the hot seat today is Chyma, our very own award-winning producer. Let’s get to know him better…

 Chyma Gift Of Sound


Jus B: A lot of people know you as Chymamusique, what is your full name?

Chymamusique: My full names are Collen Ntala Mmotla

Jus B:  What was it like growing up in Burgersfort, Mpumalanga?

Chymamusique: I’ve been a Christian so I grew up in a very Christian family and I was more of a book freak. I would study most of the time and also loved playing soccer when I had spare time..

Jus B: You started the music industry as a jazz pianist…how did you switch to House music?

Chymamusique:  I listened to too much soulful house with my school mates and I could feel that Its more like jazz, so It wasn’t too difficult to break in because I knew the basics of music . I just had to learn tricks of making the music upbeat and appealing to majority regardless of age and demographics .

Jus B: When did your love for music production start?

Chymamusique: In year 2006 when I was still in high schoolJ

Jus B: How do you interact with your fans?

 Chymamusique: I interact with my supporters on social media , I use twitter, instagram and facebook and im CHYMAMUSIQUE on all the above platforms

Jus B: You were on the music competition called 1s & 2s on SABC1..How was that experience?

 Chymamusique: I joined that contest to put my face out there because people know the music so I thought its about time people see the guy behind the music

Jus B: You have worked with some powerful producers and vocalists. Who is your favourite producer or vocalist you aspire to work with…locally/internationally?

 Chymamusique: Louie Vega and Monique Bingham are my favourite and one day expect a hit from me and them

Jus B: You recently won a Metro FM award for Best New Artist for your album Gift Of Sound. How was that experience?

 Chymamusique: Wow it was very overwhelming and at the moment the award is an inspiration. Whenever I see it I remember that South Africa loves and supports me and my music.

Jus B: You have your own record label, any artists/producers signed to the label?

Chymamusique: I actually don’t sign , I only assist talented guys with some PR and release their music so that they can get exposure out there.

Im currently working with talented guys like John Lundun , Afrique Essence, Tekniq , Miz Dee, Dvine Brothers, Brazo Wa Afrika, Fortee

Jus B: What other projects are you working on??

Chymamusique: I recently finished an compilation for soulcandi and I’m working on my deluxe edition for my album

Jus B: What do you do to relax when you are not doing music?

Chymamusique: I play Xbox, listen to jazz and travel

Jus B: Where do you plan to take your brand?

 Chymamusique: I’m allowing God to lead me on that one but I’m gonna make sure it grows as long as I’m still alive

Jus B: Any last words to your fans?

Chymamusique: Study, have goals and mission to accomplish them . Positivity is key

Thank you for your time. Stay Blessed!!

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September 3, 2016


Jus B: We cross-over to New York City to chat to our beloved brother Kafele Bandele. Let’s get to know him better…

 Kafele Bandele

Jus B: Who is Kafele Bandele?

Kafele Bandele:

Jus B: You were born in Baltimore, Maryland and now reside in New York, but you have an African name. Tell us about that.

Kafele Bandele: Before I was born, My parents decided to change their names to African names.  That is because they no longer wanted to carry on the tradition of holding onto the last names of the slave owners who once owned their ancestors here in America.  So they picked names from different countries in Africa.  They named all of their children African names as well.  My first name is from Malwai, and it means “worth dying for.”  My middle name, Kopano, comes from the South Africa/Botswana region and it means “unity,” or “togetherness.”  And my last name comes from Nigeria and it means “born away from home.”

Jus B: Before we get to the music aspect, I just found out you are an actor*shocked*? When did you start acting?

Kafele Bandele: I picked up on acting a bit because I needed to shoot some music videos for myself.  I do like acting and also the whole process of working with film footage.  I also started to learn how to edit film in the process.  Shooting and editing video can be very costly and time consuming, so I decided to learn how to do it myself as a way of cutting costs, but I found it to be very rewarding as well.

Jus B: You are known in South African as a trumpeter first and foremost. Do you come from a jazz background? 

Kafele Bandele: I would have to say that jazz is definitely my biggest influence.  When I was growing up, I was surrounded by jazz music because my father, although not a musician, is a huge jazz fanatic.  He was always playing jazz records.  In fact, his jazz collection is so big, that my mother asked him to start keeping some of his records outside of the house!!  Although I was surrounded by jazz, I didn’t really start to appreciate it until I was about 11 years old.  From there, I have grown a deep love and appreciation for jazz, and it has become my biggest influence.  Also, because I grew up in Louisiana, I was able to listen to quite a few famous jazz musicians because they often played the local jazz clubs when they were not touring the world.  Many of the worlds best jazz musicians come from Louisiana.

Jus B: How did you start with house music?

Kafele Bandele: When I finished college, I decided to move from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Chicago.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but the decision to relocate to Chicago would have a massive impact on my career as a musician.  Many would argue that Chicago is the birthplace of house music.  Before I moved to chicago, I barley knew what house music was.  I had only heard some of the very popular commercial house music that was played on MTV.  But when I got to Chicago, I was blown away by much of the house music that I heard.  I had no idea that there was a movement of people creating this deep, soulful, jazzy music known as house.    I became friends with quite a few DJs who introduced me to a whole new world of music that I did not even know existed.  One of my DJ friends, I guy named Sean Alvarez, asked me if I wanted to play the trumpet along with him while he was spinning at an event that he was promoting.  I agreed to do it, and immediately fell in love with the concept.  Eventually, I started writing, producing, and recording my own house music.  And working with other producers and DJs as well.

Jus B: Tell us about your involvement in the South African house music scene and who you have worked with.

Kafele Bandele: I have to give thanks to Ralf GUM and Andy Compton for turning me on to the house music scene in South Africa.  I worked with Andy few years ago, and he introduced me to Ralf.  The first track the I did with Ralf “Complicated” put me on the map in SA.  From there, I met and worked with quite a few DJs and producer from South Africa and other places as well.

Jus B: Your current collaboration with Sir LSG and Brian Themba on the hit song ‘All I Am. How did that come about?

Kafele Bandele: Sir LSG started working with Ralf GUM at some point.  He ended up doing a KILLER remix to the track “Burning Star.”  I got a chance to meet up with Sir LSG when I was last touring in South Africa.  We have been keeping in touch ever since, and he eventually reached out to me to work on the track “All I Am.”  I am glad he did!!  That song is definitely a super nice track, and I am glad to be a part of it.  Stay tuned for some more collaborations between me and Sir LSG!!

Jus B: Over the years, what other previous songs were big hits in South Africa?

Kafele Bandele: To date, I think “Complicated” was my biggest hit (thanks, of course to Ralf GUM!!!).  A few others have been “Stone Crazy,” “Believing (UPZ,Qness),” “Above The Sky (Andy Compoton),”  and “It’s Over (Rocco),”

Jus B: What projects are you working on right now and what can we expect in 2015?

Kafele Bandele: I have been keeping pretty busy!!  I am working on another one with Sir LSG.  I just had a release with Ndinga Gaba and Groove Cartell (Botswana) called “Jewel in my Hand.”  That is my newest single.  I am also working with another Botswana DJ and producer named DJ Spax.  We have a track called “Be My Lover” that we are finishing up.  That one was done in collaboration with the Fearless Boys.  Also, I just recorded with the house music legend Louie Vega.  I will be featured on one of the songs on his upcoming album.

Jus B: Are you an independent artist or are you signed to a record label? Which one?

Kafele Bandele: I am an independent artist.  I have worked with several indie labels, and also some major labels.  But I am not signed to any label exclusively.

Jus B: Which South African producers have you worked with on your songs?

Kafele Bandele: I have worked with Nastee Nev, Qness, Thee Gobbs, Soul Agenda, and Rude Disco to name a few.  Also, Lemon and Herb, and Eltonnick among others. And, of course, Sir LSG

Jus B: Which producers do you wish to collaborate with? From anywhere in the world…

Kafele Bandele: I absolutely LOVE Sade!!!! So I would definitely put the band Sweetback on the list.  Out of SA, there are quite a few that I would like to work with as well.  Culoe de Song, Black Coffee, and Black Motion to name a few.  Also, there are several European producers that I would like to collaborate with as well, including Full Crate (from Full Crate and Mar).  The list would be VERY long if I went through everyone.  There are so many amazing producers out there.  But these are a few that would be great to work with.

Jus B: Do you have siblings? How close are you?

Kafele Bandele: I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  My two sisters and one of my brothers are older than me, but I also have a younger brother too.  We are all pretty close in age.  But we are all spread out in different regions in the US.  My two brothers are in Louisana.  One of my sisters is in Chicago, and the other one in California (San Fran area).  And Here I am in New York City.

Jus B: Besides the trumpet, do you play any other instrument? If so, which one

Kafele Bandele: Besides trumpet, I play keyboard and sing.

Jus B: Any last words to your South Africa fans?

Kafele Bandele: I want to let my fans in South Africa know that I love them and really appreciate them.  And I can’t wait to get back to South Africa again to perform live for them.  Every time I have performed in SA, I can not believe how much love and positive energy that I feel from the people that come out to support.  I can tell that they are true fans and that they appreciate what I do.  And that means a lot to me.  I am definitely planning on spending more time in South Africa, so be on the lookout!!

Thank you for time. Stay Blessed!!